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How to Make the Best Matcha Latte

You guys know my obsession with matcha- this recipe ALMOST comes in a close second to the super matcha.

There's something truly delightful about a well-made matcha latte that combines the earthy flavours of matcha with the creaminess of the milk.

If you're looking for a recipe to take your matcha latte experience to the next level, you've come to the right place. In this blog, I'm sharing how I make matcha at home, using the highest quality ingredients! If you want to see the step-by-step breakdown, click here!


  • One scoop of Pique Life matcha (known for its exceptional taste and quality)

  • One scoop of @cytomatrix dermal collagen (optional, but adds a boost of nutrition)

  • Nut milk of your choice (e.g., nut milk, @elmhurst1925)

  • Sweetener of your choice (e.g., @lakanto monk fruit)


  1. Gather Your Ingredients: Gather all the necessary ingredients for your matcha latte. Ensure you have matcha powder, collagen (if using), nut milk, and sweetener within reach.

  2. Prepare Your Blender: Using a blender is key to achieving a frothy texture. Prepare your blender by making sure it's clean and ready for use.

  3. Measure and Add Ingredients: Take one scoop of @piquelife matcha powder and add it to the blender. Next, add one scoop of @cytomatrix dermal collagen if you choose to incorporate it into your latte. Collagen offers additional benefits for your skin and overall well-being.

  4. Pour in Nut Milk: Select your preferred nut milk. nut milk and @elmhurst1925 as personal favourites, you can use any nut milk that suits your taste and dietary requirements. Ensure the nut milk doesn't contain excessive fillers or sugars, as these can detract from the purity of the matcha flavour. Pour an appropriate amount into the blender.

  5. Sweeten to Taste: Add your sweetener of choice to the blender. I love the Lakanto monk fruit, known for its natural sweetness. Adjust the amount according to your preference, keeping in mind that matcha has its own unique flavor profile.

  6. Blend Until Creamy and Frothy: Secure the blender lid tightly and blend on high for approximately one minute. The blending process will create a creamy texture and incorporate air into the mixture, resulting in a delightful froth that makes a matcha latte appealing.

  7. Pour and Enjoy: Carefully pour the matcha latte into your favourite mug or cup once the matcha latte is perfectly blended. Take a moment to appreciate the vibrant green colour and enticing aroma. Savour each sip as you indulge in your homemade matcha latte's creamy and delicious flavours.

With the help of high-quality ingredients and the secret weapon of a blender, you can create a matcha latte that surpasses all expectations.

Cheers to the perfect matcha latte!

All my love,



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