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How To Improve Your Mobility & Flexibility With Pilates

Every movement in Pilates is meant to help you gain flexibility, mobility, and stability in your body.

Pilates is a holistic practice focused on training your mind and body together. The movements are designed to help you build strength on the inside while also helping you look good on the outside.

Today's blog post will cover my favourite exercises to help you build mobility and flexibility. But before we do that, I want to review what mobility and flexibility mean.

When you hear the word "mobility," what comes to mind?

The ability to move freely? The freedom of movement? Or it's a word that makes you think of someone who can't move very well or is stiff and awkward. What does mobility mean for YOU?

We're going to talk about all three definitions of "mobility." Mobility, flexibility, and stability are three terms often used interchangeably in Pilates Conversations, but they are very different. So let's start with mobility:


Mobility refers to the range of motion around a joint. That's why flexibility is a part of mobility; as your mobility improves, so does your flexibility. With that being said, the muscles around a joint need to be flexible enough for the joint to move through a full range of movement.


Flexibility generally refers to how much passive range of motion you have as well as the ability of your soft tissue to stretch.


Stability comes from keeping your core engaged and ensuring your joints are correctly aligned before moving into a new position. It also comes from having adequate control over your breathing, which will help keep everything nice and calm while performing the exercise correctly.

Here are my top five exercises to improve mobility & flexibility

  1. Spinal Flexion & Extension

  2. Supine Hip Circles

  3. Kneeling Side Bend & Rotation

  4. Standing Hip Hinges

  5. Standing Squat with Heel Lift/ Lower


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